Plastics, the Most Versatile Materials on Earth

Selecting the right material for the right application.

Plastic Material

Plastic Materials Material science leads the progress of human civilization. In the 21st century, we have entered the "Plastic Era". Plastic materials have become as important in technology and economy as metals and ceramics. Today, plastic have become an essential material in almost all industrial fields. The diversity and versatility of plastic materials in properties, coupled the ability to use economical processing technology for the manufacture of plastic parts and components, make plastic materials widely used in electronics, electrical, communications, home appliances, consumer, medical, optical, machinery, aerospace and many other fields. Plastic materials provide infinite possibilities for various innovations and inventions of human beings.

Since established, Jin Shuh Enterprise has been committed to the design and fabrication of injection molding molds for precision plastic molded parts, injection molding and assembly of products. The strong knowledge in plastic materials is one of the core capabilities of Jin Shuh Enterprise. We are familiar with all types of thermoplastic materials, from commodity plastics material , engineering plastics, to high-performance engineering plastics material, and also with special plastic materials with various unique properties, such as conductive, thermally conductive plastics, antistatic plastics, and transparent thermoplastics that can withstand high temperatures. Jin Shuh Enterprise has the ability and experience to provide suggestions on material selection for your project.

Type of Plastics Analyze

Polymer Type Morphology Shrinkage
Amorphous Tangled polymer chains with no long-range order Low
Semi-crystalline Shapeless regions along with well-defined structures High
Cross-linked Three-dimensional networks Varies
Liquid crystalline Rod-like as solid and in melt Low

Plastic Materials Currently Used by Jin Shuh for Production

Commodity Thermoplastics ABS, PE, PP, PS, PMMA
Engineering Thermoplastics PA, PBT, PET, PC, PC/ABS, POM, PPO/PPE
High Performance Thermoplastics PEI, PA46, PA6T, PA9T, PPA, PPS, PEEK, PAR, LCP
Thermoplastics Elastomers TPO, TPA
Thermosets Epoxy, Phenolic
Specialty Material
  • Anti-Static ABS, PC, PPO
  • Thermal conductive PPS, LCP
  • Transparent and High Heat Resistant Thermoplastic Material PAR