Engineering and Technology

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Engineering Service and Development

Jin Shuh Enterprise has created cross-functional engineering teams that have specialists in plastic engineering, mechanical engineering, mold engineering, and injection molding engineering, and CAE analysis experts. Our engineering teams can provide our customers with any assistance needed for product development. Our professional engineering team is able to provide suggestions on the material selection for the product application, and conduct part design analysis and manufacturability evaluation from the perspective of mold and injection molding. We use CAE mold flow simulation software to verify the feasibility of the design, which can help finding potential problems early in the design stage, and optimize and improve the design before mold tool is cut.

If the design concept is not ready for mold tooling and molding, no problem, our engineering team can work with you on the design and provide you with a viable design. Jin Shuh Enterprise has nearly 40 years of experience in the development of injection molding products and molds, combining with our professional knowledge in materials and engineering, Jin Shuh is able to provide the best engineering support to our customers in product development, and help customers obtain the best quality product at the best price.