High Precision Manufacturing

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Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic Injection Among many processing technologies for making plastic products, injection molding technology is a processing technology that can quickly and efficiently manufacture a large number of high-precision plastic parts with complex structures in a short time, within a cycle time of a few seconds to a few minutes.

Since established, injection molding and production of precision plastic parts have been our major business items. Plastic injection molding technology is one of our company's core competencies. From prototyping to large-scale production of products, with more than 30 years of experience and technology, Jin Shuh Enterprise can meet all needs from customers. We have more than 70 sets of injection molding presses, horizontal, vertical, high-precise all-electric, hydraulic injection molding machines, and the clamping force ranges from 30ton to 350ton. We also have precise all-electric two-shot injection molding machines that can be used to make high-precision 2-shot molded parts with two different materials/colors.

High-Precision Injection Molding

At the beginning of its establishment, Jin Shuh Enterprise has been specialized in the manufacturing of precision plastic molded parts. we have well experience in ultra-precise small two-shot fine-parts below 0.1g, precision parts for smart watches/wearable devices, fine pitch connectors, VCM module parts, and mobile phone flash reflectors, consumer electronics, automotive electronics. Jin Shuh could understand the needs of customers and provide high-precision and high-quality fine plastic molded parts.

Insert Molding / Over-Mold Molding

Insert molding/over-mold molding is a molding technology that inserts different materials or parts into a mold, and uses a molding process to encapsulate or combine parts and components with plastic. This technology is widely used in many fields, especially common in applications that require the combination of plastic and metal parts, such as connectors or hand tools. Jin Shuh Enterprise's professional knowledge and experience in the field of insert molding/over-mold molding can help your projects use insert molding technology to eliminate or reduce the cost of secondary process and assembly of parts.

Dual-Shot/ 2-Color Molding

2-color/Dual-shot injection molding is a processing technology that molds plastics of two different materials or colors on a single molded part. With this technology, the properties of two materials (for example: soft plastic and hard plastic) or two different colors can be combined on a single molded part, thereby eliminating secondary processing and assembly processes and reducing costs. Common applications in daily life include mobile phone protective cases, auto parts, toys, home appliances, furniture, daily necessities, etc. Jin Shuh has the technology and knowledge of precision 2-shot molding, which can provide you with a wider and more innovative design possibilities for your projects.

Injection Molding

Secondary Process and Assembly