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Injection molding technology

Moldflow Analysis Technology

Combined with theory-based package analysis software and material properties, mold design, injection molding and other practical experience, through finite element analysis and simulation of injection molding filling, pressure holding, cooling, warping and other processes or after the end Physical properties (such as pressure, temperature, shear stress.... Through the interpretation of the results of different physical properties, it is possible to predict the quality of product design or mold design in advance and correct the design to reduce the risk of development failure.

Optimal design of injection parameters

With the experimental design method, according to the parameter conditions in the injection molding process, such as injection speed, injection pressure, processing temperature, etc., experiment planning, mold flow analysis, and injection experiments are carried out to obtain the optimal injection parameter conditions for the product.


Quality Control of Injection Molded Products

The quality of injection molded products is mainly affected by the interaction of three elements: the use of plastics, injection molds, and injection molding. Here, the plastic center provides that in the product development process, the influence of the above three elements must be considered at the same time, so as to meet the quality requirements of plastic products.