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Metal Stamping

Metal stamping and forming uses professional and precise stamping processing technology to carry out customized production according to customer needs and product characteristics requirements, and tailor-made your satisfactory finished products. The advantages of metal stamping forming are high production efficiency and can reduce mass production. cost and improve your economic efficiency.

The principle of metal stamping

Stamping is a kind of cold stamping process. With the help of the power of special stamping equipment, the material is slammed, and the material is cut, bent or molded into the shape and size of the mold specification. Stamping can be roughly divided into various processing methods such as shearing, bending, forming and extension. The tool machine used for stamping is called a punch, and the die used is called a stamping die (divided into engineering die and continuous die). Compared with forging, which is to form hot metal, stamping is usually carried out on cold metal plates. The products formed by stamping have higher strength, stability and structural integration. Its technical application range is quite wide, and it is common in heavy industry. , Electronic components in electronic and electrical products, auto parts in the automotive industry, or hardware parts.