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High-standard, meticulous and solid testing center

Well-trained testing personnel; equipped with high-precision testing equipment

Jinshu takes environmental vision as its concept and recognizes that environmental protection is one of the most important issues for human beings in the 21st century. According to the requirements of the deadline, the company introduced Japan's electronic fluorescent X-ray precision tester, which can accurately measure the content of Cd, Pb, Hg, Cr, Br and other environment-related substances (unit: ppm), thus providing environmental protection for products. adequate protection.

Quality Assurance System

In order to ensure the precise requirements and high quality of mold parts and plastic products, the factory has well-trained professional inspectors and Japan's advanced high-precision inspection equipment (for example: MITUTOYO tool microscope, 2-dimensional, 2.5-dimensional, 3-dimensional geometric measurement system etc.), thus laying a solid foundation for the evaluation of new product development and the measurement of product mass production monitoring.