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Precision mold making equipment

Under the framework of ISO9001:2000 quality management system, the factory design department has the ability to independently design molds according to customer-supplied samples or drawings. The engineering design uses 3D software to carry out mold design and three-dimensional simulation at the same time, combined with years of design. Plastic Mold development. With the accumulation of molding and injection experience, the developed molds have the advantages of high precision, high efficiency and long life. Not only that, during the new product development process, the institutional engineering personnel set up special personnel to fully control the progress of each development project until the new product is approved. Normal mass production to achieve customer satisfaction. In order to ensure the leading position in the industry, the company took the lead in introducing CHMER precision wire cutting equipment. At present, it has 16 Taiwan precision grinders, 12 spark machines, 2 CNC wire cutting machines, high-precision equipment and high The qualified talents have laid a solid foundation for the development of new products and the improvement of the precision of mass production molds. They are deeply trusted by customers.